5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

in Solutions Technology
by Gary Cottington

These days, there is a huge range of different devices connected to the Internet. So your website might be being viewed on a mobile phone, a Tablet, a large desktop monitor, or even a TV.

Each of these devices has a different screen size and therefore a different set of usability challenges. If you have you ever struggled to use a regular website on your mobile phone then you will appreciate the need for a new approach to web design. A ‘responsive’ web design can help solve these challenges.

A ‘responsive’ web design, for those unfamiliar with the concept, is one that adapts to the device that it is being viewed on, giving the best viewing experience for the user.

Here are 5 specific benefits to using a ‘responsive’ web design:

1. Better usability for everyone
No matter what device your website visitor is using they will get a better experience when viewing your website. And a better experience can ultimately mean increased sales.

2. All of your content, all of the time
Some companies have mobile friendly sites that are separate to their main site with reduced content, but why? If it’s worth putting on your main website then surely it’s also of value to your mobile users too.

3. Publish your content only once
It is more efficient to manage your web content in a single place than have separate sites, or content management systems, for publishing your content to different devices.

4. Keep your website lean and focused
Placing a greater emphasis on mobile users during the design process can help keep your website lean and to-the-point as designers are forced to incorporate reduced screen space into their thinking. A fast and lean website benefits all users.

5. Reduced need for platform specific apps
Device manufacturers, of course, are keen to push their own app platforms and delivery systems. But developing multiple apps can be a very expensive business. A global, common, platform already exists, and this is the Internet. So if your website can deliver an equivalent experience then why do you even need an app?