Amazing Olympic Fact

in Design
by Katy

Yes yes – I was one of the 20 million or so who shed a tear of joy when the Olympics opened and who marvelled at the most amazing son et lumière of the Opening Ceremony in the main stadium.

However I was amazed to read in the Saturday Telegraph that the remarkably 640,000 pixel display created by the individual LED bank of lights at each seat was controlled by ONE. SINGLE.  COMPUTER.!

Doesn’t that just make your eyes water at the sheer thought of what the worldwide reception would have been like if suddenly the operator witnessed any of the nightmares which happens in thousands of offices across the world…?

‘Loading?!’ What Still?

‘You only have 10% of battery remaining… - oh no where’s the power socket?’

‘There is a problem with Explorer and your session must shut down – noooo! Kenneth Branagh’s about to start!’

Phew – I think I’m right in saying  well done Acer!