Designer must haves?

in Brand Campaigns Design Technology
by Tony Morrisen

It’s twice the price and does practically the same thing as the cheaper one on the shelf below. So what is the allure to the latest designer brands?

Perhaps you want to be an individual, stand out from the crowd or even make yourself feel just that little bit special. The fact is you might not be as unique as you think. In reality, even the most costly items are mass produced, perhaps to a lesser scale but made in their millions nevertheless.

So why are you willing to pay a premium price tag, when often these over priced goods share common components and similar features with their cheaper siblings, offering nothing more than a brand name to justify their worth?

Take Apple, it sits at the very top of the desirability tree, watching us with its head in the cloud while we all flock to buy the very latest release. We convince ourselves that these items will some how enrich our lives, that they could magically give us the potential to obtain the high-end lifestyle that we crave. We would be quite happy to ditch the perfectly acceptable predecessor, writing it off as last years trend in order to have the latest and greatest.

It seems that in the same way a prestige car signifies success and defines the measure of a person, it may be that your shinny new phone may also do the same and could even be the making of you!

So desperate for the brand name, we are actively willing to pay the hefty price tag for the privilege of that shinny silver logo, the one that means “I’m my own man”… but wait look up, look around, a million others are sitting with you on the train or at work with that very same notion. I guess as long as yours is the newest and you had it first then all’s good.

So ultimately luxury goods are cleverly marketed to make you believe they can improve the way we feel about ourselves. They give us something to aspire to, offer us ingenious design, with a premium feel. I can’t help but feel that although we may be steered and perhaps a little brain washed to feel this way, I would rather have one nice thing than five cheap equivalents, but that’s just me.