E3 2013 - the battle for your living room

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by James Delves

The biggest brands in the consumer electronics space will descend on the Los Angeles convention centre this week as E3 kicks off. Not to be left behind, the Gilroy team dusted off their sunglasses, practiced poker faces in the mirror and decided to check out the show. Over the next few days we will be reporting back on the winners and losers and just what gadgets we can expect to be spending our money on over the next twelve months.


So what is E3?

Each year, E3 draws tens of thousands of people ranging from leading execs from global giants such as Microsoft and Sony to industry analysts and members of the press from over 100 countries. One thing they all have in common is that they are desperate to see the latest ground-breaking technologies, which range from computers, video game consoles, handheld systems, mobile devices and social tools.


The battle for the living room 

Sony and Microsoft are set to do battle at E3 not for the attention of the gaming world but for the family living room. Although Sony announced its next gen console (Playstation 4) first, it's Microsoft that is expected to take centre stage due to the recent launch of its Xbox One. Xbox One is an all in one home entertainment system, which allows users to switch seamlessly between TV channels, playing games and surfing the internet.

The impressive thing is that it doesn’t use a remote control but rather a sophisticated voice and gesture interface. To see it in action click here.


Virtual reality – a reality at last?

As well as providing a launch platform for the global brands it’s also a good place to find more niche technologies that we could all be using in the future. Virtuix, is one such example. The company has developed a Virtual Reality Interface (a halo shaped device you stand in) that allows a person to enter and walk through rich media (e.g. online videos or games). As 

well as gaming, it’s also designed to allow architects to walk through 3D graphic mock-ups of their designs or to be used as a tool to help bodies such as the military train their people using VR simulations. A working prototype is expected to be at the show.


The feeling across the sector is that Microsoft could be the big winner at this year’s show but that it has a lot to prove regarding its new Xbox One system.  Fancy watching the show live, why not click on this handy link?: http://uk.gamespot.com/e3/live/