If you can't beat them, join them

in Campaigns
by Matt Neal

Cancer Research UK is turning its inability to beat Wikipedia’s search ranking for cancer related terms to its own advantage. We at Gilroy think this is an inspired idea.

It can be all too easy to obsess about the top position, which may ultimately just drain resources and finance for little or no gain. Instead, Cancer Research has thought about it in a different way and will reap multiple benefits from it.

One, they can be assured that the content on Wikipedia is much more accurate for interested audiences. Two, the whole process will mean they will be able to leverage linking opportunities for their sites benefit. And three, it’s all positive and interesting news.

When researching a campaign for the British Red Cross a few years back, we were all hugely impressed when we found that St. John’s Ambulance had committed to training all Big Issue vendors in first aid for free – another simple but highly effective approach of genuine social responsibility that creates real news.