Introducing Jenna and Gary

in Gilroy
by Nick Lee

We’re delighted to introduce the two newest members of the Gilroy family, Jenna Frampton and Gary Cottington.

Meet Jenna, Client services Jenna is in her second week here at Gilroy, and is happy to report that it already feels like home. Over the past 8 years Jenna has used her knowledge and experience to assist in a wide range of projects – from sales tools development through to large integrated campaigns across EMEA. She has worked in the agency environment with B2B technology and telecomms clients such as Canon, Sony, Vodafone, 3 and Qualcomm. When she’s not at Gilroy, Jenna spends her time sorting her wardrobe into colour order.

Meet Gary, Web Development Gary jumped right into the code at Gilroy back in November. Gary is a developer and programmer with 20 years of experience in the Web and New Media industries. He has developed all manner of digital solutions for companies large and small, from start-up businesses to major global brands.

Follow Gary on Twitter: @GaryCottington and keep your eyes peeled for his coding handiwork to be released soon!