The (kind of) Fantastic Gilroy Challenge

in Gilroy
by Matt Neal
Here at Gilroy, we like to push boundaries, in particular creative boundaries. But to remain at the top of our game, we know we have to challenge ourselves. So we did.
In a small meeting where new and different creative ideas were shared, we stumbled upon the Echograph app. Echograph (now owned by Vimeo) enables anyone to create GIFs that are a mixture of static and moving images, resulting in a number of creative applications.
And so the Gilroy Challenge was born. The challenge, set on a Friday afternoon to anyone who was interested: “You have one weekend to make an Echograph”.
And here are the (fairly mixed) results.

Kelly’s is dark, mysterious and barely visible:
















Lee’s was cleverly titled ‘Winner’. It’s good, but not good enough…








Jenna spent the weekend wearing out her son in an attempt to get the best shot:








And Louise scared the living daylights out of us with her attempt:








Maxine’s is subtle, and she didn’t need to stick the cat to the table to get it:













James ignored the rule of not working with children or animals:









Andy had a few drinks. The results speak for themselves:















And Matt also had a few drinks, but took the shot before they kicked in:









However, as judged by our accommodating clients at Computacenter, Nikki and Lorraine, the winner is…












Tony assures us that, not only does the guinea pig live in the teapot, he often travels by train.

The next Gilroy challenge will be issued soon, my advice watch this space.