Move over Bing, Yahoo - its videos time to shine

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by James Delves

YouTube announced today that it has reached 1 billion monthly users - that’s nearly one out of every two people on the Internet visiting YouTube on a regular basis. More people now use YouTube as a search tool than use Bing or Yahoo. Only Google is more popular (Google realised this and bought YouTube for $1.65 billion).

Gone are the days when online video was regarded as nothing more sophisticated than animals doing funny things now you can watch the latest movie trailer or glitzy product launch in HD way before it gets anywhere near your TV.

Can you actually make money out of online video?

Over the last 30 days the top 1,000 YouTube channels generated 11.3 billion views. Over 25 million viewers shared their thoughts after watching something, and there were 87 million social interactions through the site. Such is the success of the key channels it has got to the point now that they can choose which advertisers to work with. The top 1,000 YouTube sites receive in excess of $23K in ad revenues per month for their video content.

Reaching execs
So it’s popular, you can generate revenues but can it be used as a business tool? Well, 3% of all YouTube traffic is now dedicated to technology and computing making it a channel that simply cannot be ignored by the marketing B2B sector. According to a recent Forbes study, 75% of executives watched work-related videos on business-related websites at least once a week (52% watched these videos through YouTube). More interesting in my opinion is that 65% of these executives clicked through to the vendor’s website after watching a video underlining the power of video as a sales tool. A fact that has not passed key brands by. The internet is awash with rumours that companies such as Twitter are building their own video-hosting technology in order to capitalise on the popularity of video.

An agency view
Video has always been a key medium for marketing agencies as it allows us to communicate creatively client propositions to a mass (or in some cases a niche) audience. TCS, Computacenter, Colt and Pitney Bowes are just a few brands that have chosen to take advantage of the Gilroy digital team in order to create videos to communicate complex messaging, such as cloud computing. Feel free to click on any of the images below to view some of our work.

One thing is for sure, TV has always been a part of our lives, but now with smart phones and tablet computers – video is quickly overtaking traditional media as a key channel for the public and businesses alike to secure information. My advice – don’t change channel!

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