The new release of Google Analytics

in Analytics Solutions
by Nick Lee

Flow visualisation

The new release of Google Analytics was announced back in March at the Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco. Initially open for beta testing, if you were accepted on the trial, its full release is imminent. 

We use Google Analytics as part of our measurement and monitoring offering along with other tools such as Yahoo web analytics and Adobe® SiteCatalyst®, powered by Omniture®. But as a free web tool we find ourselves using this package a fair bit and with it being two years since the last major release here’s what we’re looking forward to using the most. 

The ability to run multiple dashboards with a greater number of widgets for increased customisation means we can quickly get an instant overview of our projects. 

Flow visualisation
A brilliant tool to visually see user journeys from multiple sources including territories, browsers and traffic sources, across multiple starting points. You can quickly determine areas of concern for drop off rates or the best performing browsers / operating systems.  

Real time reporting
No more lag in reporting as each page view happens seconds after it has occurred. 

Mobile reporting
A much deeper insight into what our visitors are using to view sites, allowing us to optimise the site accordingly for the most popular browsers and operating systems. 

Users will still be able to use the old version of analytics until January 2012 although we’re not sure why you would want to. For a quick overview of v5, by Justin Cutroni, have a look at the video link. 

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