The rise of Account Based Marketing and what it means to you

in Brand Campaigns Gilroy
by Kevin Sleap

You may have heard the phrase ‘account based marketing’ mentioned by peers or in the press as the latest tactic to take the marketing world by storm. Global brands such as Oracle, Vodafone, Xerox, HP and IBM have all adopted the technique. So what is it? How can it help you?

Account based marketing is a highly targeted approach to marketing, based on growing intimate knowledge of individual accounts and developing an ability to adapt, to respond to an enquiry or agreed need at a company or even individual level.

In short, the process sees a marketer treat individual accounts as ‘markets’ allowing the marketing team to devise focused campaigns that drive a greater return on investment.

Statistics also show that account based marketing has a higher ROI than other marketing approaches, and provides significant benefits in terms of retaining clients, increasing revenues and attracting new clients.

Personally, I think that there are some real benefits to deploying an account based marketing strategy. Organisations in the IT, services and consultancy sector will benefit the most from the technique due to the complexity of the propositions, long sales cycles and large size of organisations they have to deal with.

There are some factors that organisations need to consider before embracing account based marketing. For instance, it does require up-front investment (both time and finances), a step change in company culture for some organisations and it does demand strong collaboration of sales and marketing.

At Gilroy we have a four step process to take organisations from analysis of their systems and personnel right through to deployment.

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