Social Recruitment

in Social
by Nick Lee

We saw last Friday that Poke, one of London’s leading creative agencies, decided to recruit for a new social media manager using Twitter as its main source of engagement.

Seeding the campaign on their website only a few days prior, a series of challenges / social media predicaments were set by following @findanewrebecca who was vacating the role to pursue her music career.

We think it’s a clever and simplistic approach to engage with and screen prospective candidates by letting them tackle problems a social media manger would be required to deal with on a daily basis.

There were around 20 people engaging with the campaign and whilst it appears no new hire has yet been appointed (they are still accepting CVs via email) it seems that at the very least they have created a bit of buzz around the role and given an insight into what it would be like to work for their agency. A great approach and surely not the last time we’ll see this type of recruitment strategy.