The unstoppable rise of social media

in Brand Gilroy Social Technology
by James Delves

RIP Email - long live the Tweet!

Revolution is a word often over used - however, it’s entirely accurate to say that social media has revolutionised how people throughout the world now communicate. Not convinced? Still think a well placed piece of direct mail or crafted email beats social media hands down? Well think again. Over 175 million people use Twitter – who create 190 million Tweets per day – sharing views and opinions on the latest hot topics. Think Facebook is a flash in the pan only used by teenagers? Well 750 million people who spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the social networking site would disagree. As you can see, some interesting infographics detailing some of the key trends that are shaping how users consume and share information.

So with these amazing growth figures should we all ditch our traditional marketing tactics and focus on social media? I am not so sure, email marketing is on the rise year-on-year despite many parts of the media pronouncing it dead!

Econsultancy, (a great source of marketing and retail information/statics – if you ever need some) recently published research the topic, which found that 42% of consumers preferred to be contacted via email over any other channel, putting it way above social media. The survey also found that 68% of consumers used coupons emailed to them online. So it seems that although people love Facebook and Twitter to share information, they are comfortable with traditional marketing tactics and still see value in them.

My view is that social media is another weapon in a marketers’ arsenal and not a replacement for traditional channels such as email. One thing is for sure the genie is out and social media is here to stay and why not? With the latest social media tools, we can now reach our client’s target audience in a range of innovate ways - quicker and more effectively than ever before. My advice watch this space.

James Delves