As Usher (and Uncle Kracker) once said: “follow me”

in Social
by Matt Neal

It happens to all of us tweeters at some point. The overwhelming feeling that to be seen as a successful business tweeter the number of people that follow us must significantly outweigh those who we follow (you’re no one if you’re not a thought leader, or an evangelist, or a trend setter - given the outfits that some people sport in our office, we doubt the last one will ever be relevant).

Is this true though?

Whilst none of us at Gilroy are new to Twitter, our company is because we’re very much in start-up mode. The upshot is that we have only a few dedicated followers at the moment, but we follow quite few.

We’re not entirely sure we should be embarrassed by this. And we’re not alone. We know from research that only 21% of Twitter users are active users (those that have 10 or more followers, follow 10 or more users, and have tweeted more than 10 times).

From a b2b perspective, Twitter isn’t just a tool for telling people what you think or do, it can be a rich source of industry updates, developments and opportunities. Simply by listening more than we are talking at the moment, we’re getting a lot out of it.

It’s also a good way of knowing if Charlie Sheen is on one again, which is amusing if not helpful.

“Obvious!” we hear you cry. Maybe. All we are saying is relax, use Twitter in a way you are comfortable with, and it will find the relevant place in your grand marketing plan.