What Conversation?

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by Matt Neal

Tweet this, like that. Follow, feeds, friends. Everyone’s talking social these days, but with so many channels and so many options, it’s difficult to know where to start. If you’re a B2B organisation it can be difficult to know whether to even bother. Did you know that there are over 200 social networking sites and that doesn’t even include social sharing apps such as Instagram, which was bought recently by Facebook for $1 billion. The rise of social media has been staggering. There are now: 552 million daily active users on Facebook; 200 countries covered by LinkedIn; 20 languages are covered by Twitter and over 55 million blogs use WordPress. It’s not hard to see the appetite for social - the numbers speak for themselves. It’s easy to believe that social networking provides a great opportunity for B2B organisations, it’s just not that easy to know how to access it. I am sure you’ve asked yourself how do I get you started in social? And more importantly how do you get it to deliver a return?

Dispelling some myths First things first, there are some basic myths about social networking that are worth clearing up. Otherwise, if expectations are set incorrectly, your social media programmes will only disappoint.

Myth 1: Build it and they will come. There’s often this feeling that if you build a blog, or create a LinkedIn group it will spring into life and go viral in hours - leads will then start flying through the door. I’m afraid not. I’ve already mentioned the vast numbers of people and social media sites. Thinking that a blog or group will get any traction without promotion I am afraid is crazy. Like any online real-estate or content, you have to tell people about it before they use it.

Myth 2: Social media will manage itself - unfortunately not. All successful social channels are managed and require an investment of time to run smoothly. For examples in an average month only 31% of UK LinkedIn users engaged with a group and of those up to 96% are passive observers. Being patient and providing people with content or support often takes time.

Myth 3: It’s free. You can use free social media tools, but you still need to tell your audience about your content or nothing will happen. So whether it is an external cost, or an internal effort, there is an associated cost to successful social activity.

Social channels can amplify your existing marketing and sales channels. If you follow some clear and simple guidelines most companies can generate significant returns on their investment in social once they know where to start. We’ve created five simple steps (that can be downloaded here) to get you started in social, and start delivering you a return.

So ask yourself why wouldn’t you be involved?