What is the cost of a smile?

in Gilroy
by Rhiannon Hopkins

What is the cost of a smile?

Actually, according to Bangor University, it’s around one third of a penny; but that’s beside the point!  It’s the team morale it can generate that we think is important. We are all products of our environments and therefore it is vital to lay strong foundations for a positive working atmosphere for staff to be able to flourish and succeed – especially as we spend over two thirds of our adult life at work.

There are simple and effective ways of bringing a little fun into the work place to help boost employee morale. We recently introduced, “Fab Shoes Friday” into the Gilroy office to infect the team with smiles, laughter and team participation. By smiling more often and talking about fun things, or just complete nonsense, we can help boost morale, confidence and encourage team building within the office – plus it gets everyone’s competitive nature to come out and play for the day!

The laughter that surrounded the office was infectious and made everyone more motivated and productive – exceeding our expectations of what started out as a little fun idea! It also gave a personable insight into everyone’s tastes (some of which leave a lot to be desired), making us more aware of likes and dislikes - essentially getting to know each other all over again!

If you are responsible for managing a group of employees, then you will understand how important the concept of teamwork is in the workplace. Not only will it make your job easier, but it will also improve everyone’s productivity, your effectiveness as a manager, and the company’s reputation.

You may not realise this but there may be a financial cost to your business when your team members are unhappy. Lack of concentration, attention to detail, and quality of work can all slip if you are not confident and enjoying what you do – so this doesn’t just reflect on your immediate team, but the business as well!

It is known that staff members with high morale produce work of a higher quality than staff members with a low or negative morale. Low morale can not only cause lack of productivity but illness and absence, which as we know has a knock-on effect to your co-workers as they will need to pick up the additional workload.

On the other hand, if you have a positive and high morale in the workplace, then your team are more likely to go that “extra mile” which can only be good for business.

The moral of this story is to smile and laugh more! Have fun and produce great harmony within the workplace… and always wear fab shoes!