Why the infographic is leading the pack

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by James Delves


You might have noticed but our US friends are in the middle of the election season at the moment. The newspapers are full or stats and opinions regarding who won the latest debate and who’s edging ahead in the race for the White House. If you try to follow the race on a daily basis the amount of data is staggering.

At Gilroy we’re fans of the infographic and often used them to communicate pictorially key trends or stats. One website that has used the infographic perfectly to crunch an array of data into easy to digest images is www.socialbakers.com. The site updates its infographics daily so visitors can see exactly, which candidate is winning across a range of topics and social media channels. The site even provides a tag cloud with the latest talking points.

After looking at the election infographics you may well ask yourself – why would I ever use an excel pie chart and line graph ever again? My opinion is - why would you?