Wot, no Tom Cruise?

in Brand Campaigns
by Matt Neal

It’s all very Minority Report: Three in Sweden have developed and launched the 3LiveShop, where customers can interact with online sales people in real-time. It’s video calling, but the sales people have access to an advance touchscreen system that enables them to display products and information on screen to the customer.

Watch their video by following the link.

It’s interesting if you read the comments left on the Youtube channel or other blogging sites about this. It seems to me that the vast majority are negative, along the lines of “waste of capital” or “I don’t see the value”. It may not be the future of retail completely defined and I’m sure there are some bugs to it (both technology and people driven) but I think these people are missing the point.

Firstly, it’s great PR for Three. It may not completely revolutionise the way they sell, it will certainly drive traffic.

But most importantly, many of the ways in which we now communicate, and many of the things we buy, started life as an idea that someone was willing to have a go at without worrying about the instant return on investment.

If Facebook or Twitter had been built purely with a return on investment in mind, where would they be now? And what about the iPad? Although we're sure they had an ROI in mind when they designed it, it’s not exactly a perfect and completely efficient bit of business kit, but we want one all the same so they've done something right.

And finally, without a bit of creative courage, we would never have had the pleasure of a drumming Gorilla. And we’d all be the poorer for it.