Yahoo Web Analytics and Google Content Experiments

in Analytics Technology
by Nick Lee

In the middle of June Yahoo! announced that it would be discontinuing its Web Analytics service.

“Starting August 31, 2012, existing Yahoo Web Analytics (YWA) projects will become 'read-only', with access to view historical data for two months. We recommend removing YWA tags from your website(s) at this stage, as those tags will no longer populate data to your YWA account. Also, if you wish to retain any historical data from your account, please utilize the data export functionality through your account.  On October 31, 2012, all Yahoo! Web Analytics projects scheduled for discontinuation will be shut down for use, including the discontinuation of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network for all users." - Yahoo!

So what does that mean to you and should you care? If you are running Yahoo! Web Analytics you should start removing the tracking code and migrating to another service. You should also export your data to ensure you have backed up all historical data from your account.

A free alternative service is Google Analytics who have recently released yet more features to their revamped service. My favourite is content experiments which you watch on the video link and gives you the ability to compare the performance of up to six different web pages using a random sample of your visitors in an A/B/N multivariate testing fashion.

Happy testing.